Physiotherapy-TreatmentsMelbourne, Australia – Dec. 10, 2015 – A local Melbourne physiotherapist has multiple therapies that can be employed to rehabilitate, treat injuries and chronic conditions, alleviate pain and improve mobility. One of the first concerns for the professionals at QV Physiotherapy is relieving patients’ pain and making them comfortable to facilitate healing.

Pain is the number one reason why patients typically seek the assistance of a physiotherapist. Managing pain is a critical element of physiotherapy following an injury, surgery, during rehabilitation and in chronic conditions that include arthritis. Physiotherapy is an effective means of alleviating pain and offers an alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals.

The clinic’s methods are also beneficial for addressing dysfunction and residual pain from previously sustained injuries. Therapies can be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other techniques for the best patient outcomes. A treatment and management plan is individualized for each patient.

Dry needling and therapeutic massage both work with the body’s own innate abilities to accelerate healing and ease pain. The techniques improve circulation and direct blood flow where it’s needed most to alleviate inflammation that results in swelling and pain. The methods have the added advantage of elevating mood that has an impact on the body’s ability to heal and deal more effectively with pain.

The local Melbourne physiotherapist offers clinical Pilates and prescription exercise programs that help reduce pain levels while promoting flexibility. Joint mobilisation, manipulation and muscle re-education reduces pain and stiffness, and is an effective treatment for patients that may not be able to actively participate in therapy due to their injuries or chronic disease.

Pain can often stem from misalignments within the body that result in problems with the back, hips, knees and feet. Depending on the severity of the problem, pain can extend as far as the shoulder. The clinicians provide postural advice and education, along with ergonomic and workplace assessments that are conducive to proper alignment.

Patients often develop awkward positions and habits in an effort to compensate and relieve the pain they experience. QV Physiotherapy can perform gait assessments to identify specific problems, their exact location, and correct them through targeted therapies.

A local Melbourne CBD physiotherapist has multiple therapeutic means that can be employed to relieve pain anywhere in the body. QV Physiotherapy techniques are evidence-based therapies that offer a viable alternative to prescription medications for relieving pain that address the underlying cause of pain.

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