When you need to find quality physiotherapy services in the Mandurah area look no further than:4Life Physiotherapy.

healthy with physioPatients First
At 4Life Physiotherapy they take the time to evaluate your symptoms in order to treat the real cause, and not just the symptom. To think of an equivalent, consider back pain – would you rather get a massage to relax the taut muscle, or take pain medication to mask the pain? One addresses the root cause, the other deals only with a symptom.

Treatment Options
4Life has a wide range of treatment options available to successfully address the problem’s true cause, but they select the one that appears most applicable to your condition, needs, and so forth (They even offer Saturday morning appointments to make health care more accessible). Treatment can be applied to pain in the back and neck, strains or sprains, sports injuries (including foot injuries), and rehabilitation both prior to and following surgery. Problems like arthritis, osteoperosis, fracture management, vertigo, and even women’s health are all dealt with at 4Life Physiotherapy, with a plethora or treatments like massage, spinal mobilisation, dry needle therapy, acupuncture, and more.

On-Site Gymnasium
It is easier than ever to get high quality physiotherapy at 4Life Physiotherapy with an on-site gymnasium. Prescription exercise has never been so good! Clinical pilates Mandurah are also offered, as well as different conditioning programs to attack problems in weight loss, strengthening, rehabilitation, and diabetes management. Professionals will instruct you all on usage of machinery within the gym to check that proper technique is being used to maximise your workout and ensure safe use.

Specialist Services; Women’s Health
One of the specialist services to briefly highlight is women’s health services, although 4Life has a few others like orthotics and occupational health assessment for employers. Women’s health services include treatments for pregnancy related problems during pregnancy, physiotherapy after pregnancy, bladder problems, and osteoperosis.

4Life Physiotherapy is a high quality solution when you need physiotherapy treatments. To read more visit their website.

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