To achieve a better you, find a health care practice with the services, know-how, and technology, like Grange Physio Rockingham.

wellnessTake Your First Step
If you need assessment and diagnosis then Grange Physiotherapy has the team and tools you require. Their experienced staff benefits from the latest medical equipment and a thorough understanding of human anatomy. They will determine the precise cause through a thorough assessment. Our team can help, whether you know the cause of your condition or not.

Thinking About Tomorrow, Today
Grange Physiotherapy not only services present issues, but devotes a section of its practise to preventing such problems from occurring in the first place. They take a holistic approach to health care, looking at your work place environment or out on the sports field. Reducing the incidence of injuries is a superior method to tackling an injury after the fact.

Physiotherapy practice
Grange Physiotherapy devotes a portion of its resources to physiotherapy services. Dry needling, manipulative physiotherapy, and exercise programmes are but a list of some of the treatments in a physiotherapist’s arsenal. Grange Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy services that includes clinical pilates classes (or personalised pilates programmes), physio exercises, and balance or mobility assessments. If you require help in planning your hospital discharge or to achieve rehabilitation following surgery, Grange Physiotherapy can give you the assistance required.

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